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Cover letter

Stand out. Your cover letter says a lot about you.
How to write a good cover letter? The main content is of particular importance. The purpose of the letter is to present yourself as the best candidate for the job. But you must remember to write the truth to be credible and convincing.

Forms of cover letters. There are two types of a cover letter.
A job offer cover letter
A cover letter without a specified job offer

The main difference rests in the circumstances whether we apply for a specific job offer for a specific position or apply to a company that runs recruitment in the field of our interest. In the case of a job offer cover letter we include the offer reference number. In the other case we specify clearly the field of our interest. The main content is of particular importance. We can present ourselves in a  general cover letter describing in general our preferences and focusing on our career. This type of letter is dedicated to persons who begin their professional career or those who are willing to change their work profile. We might also present our candidature in a detailed description of our professional successes and what we might offer to a future employer – a success cover letter. This type of letter is dedicated to persons with a documented long-term professional career and experience. 

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