People are our passion.

We provide our customers  with comprehensive service offering them best solutions in the field of organization’s development and employment policy.
Together we’ll build you company’s potential.

Work philosophy

We should do in life what we like.
At our company passion and double energy brings special results. At Haer specialists who really appreciate and like their work realize their passions and professional aspirations. This is the reason why achieving ambitious goals of our Clients is not difficult for our team. We thoroughly enjoy what we are doing and we like winning. 

A modern style of management is what distinguishes us. Also we pay special attention to friendly atmosphere at work. As a result we form a very integrated team of people who are dedicated to their work and supporting one other. 

We are convinced that future belongs to competent people this is why we are constantly perfecting our skills. In order to best support our Clients and Candidates in making their best choices we incessantly increase our knowledge and gather experience. Close relations with interesting people from our branch is our everyday life. 

Our profession demands from us to be a trustworthy and professional business partner. Our work style is based on discretion, perseverance and consequence. 
Our thorough knowledge of the team's potential allows us to select the best person from our team to serve our given Client. 

Consulting demands trust from both business sides. The scale of trust that is endowed on us by our Clients is measured with the number of satisfied Clients who thanks us accelerated their businesses or gained valuable employees and number of Candidates who received chance to progress in their own professional development. 

Focused on self-development ?

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