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We support employees in active search of new employment opportunities and organizations, we help your company image during reorganisation.


Outplacement can constitute a very important element of support for employees in the course of change in their professional life. It supports both employer and employee in the conduct of individual or collective redundancies. Outplacement Programs include persons losing their jobs from the executive directors to executive staff. Outplacement allows  to analyze current professional career, draw conclusions and plan the next steps in professional life in a different professional position or workplace.

Termination of employment is an inevitable process that occurs in every organization. It is important for the employee how the company terminates his agreement. It is crucial for the employer what information about the company employee spreads on the market afterwards. We must remember that the style of termination reflects in further opinion about the company in the job market.  A dismissed employee is a company’s live add on the market.

Sometimes it happens that because of various business related reasons we have to part with a longtime employee. These  situations are neither easy nor comfortable for either party. Deciding on the outplacement program you provide your employees support  to begin actively seeking new employment opportunities outside the structures of the company.

In the course of implementing the outplacement program the Haer Consultant is delegated to the group of the program’s participants. He shares his knowledge, experience and instructs them how to operate on the labor market. We guarantee that the commitment of our advisors makes our programs reach high efficiency.
We offer outplacement programs.

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